Industrial Tanks

When it comes to color, Sunbelt Corporation is a world class leader in product innovation and domestic manufacture of dyes and specialty chemicals for lubricants, fuels, automotive fluids, pens, inks, plastics, foil, and agriculture applications.

Research and development is a part of our culture. Sunbelt's chemists are constantly looking for new and better ways to add color to our universe. Our patented line of dyes in soy bean oil are meeting the need for more environmentally friendly colors. Our line of dyes for writing instruments are meeting the highly technical needs of constant innovation in that industry. Our water based dyes are used in everything from antifreeze to fertilizer, and our petroleum dyes are used in fuel and lubricants world-wide.

Our manufacturing plant located in Rock Hill, South Carolina consists of an array of both glass lined and stainless steel kettles for synthesis, stripping and blending of the products we sell. From this site we manufacture and ship our products to a broad range of customers worldwide.

With technical sales offices strategically located in the United States, Sunbelt can offer expert and efficient technical support for all of the products we manufacture and sell.