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Navipol® •Shade Card
High quality liquid solvent dyes used as color additives in various petroleum markets. These markets include: Gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuels, marine, lubricants, and oil greases. These dyes are also used in aerobatic smokes, candle wax, wood stains and industrial writing instruments. Navipol® dyes are available in either regular xylene or in high flash aromatic solvents. These dyes can also be made available in multiple solvent systems to meet specific applications. In addition, Sunbelt offers some Morplas® dyes, such as red powders and blue powders, that are soluble in various petroleum-based solvent such as gasoline and diesel fuel.

Solvent red and solvent blue powder dyes are soluble in various petroleum solvents such as gasoline and diesel fuels.

Navitrace® are a line of powder and liquid dyes that are commonly referred to as silent markers to the petroleum industry. Our Navitrace dyes are also used for fiscal brand identification purposes and as markers for many petroleum products.

All of Sunbelt's petroleum dyes are backed by our strong technical support, sales staff, and quality control department.

For more information please contact us directly at techcenter@sunbeltcolors.com


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