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Solvent Applications
Solvent Applications

Morfast® Liquid Dyes are the industry recognized Standard for use in the Writing Instrument Industry. Specially formulated and manufactured using our proprietary liquid technology, Morfast® Liquid Dyes exhibit high color strength, vibrant/clean shades and exceptionally low insoluble levels. Morfast® Liquid Dyes are supplied in n-propyl alcohol or ethanol and can be blended to match a with all common solvents used in inks.

Morfast® Dyes can be used in:

  • Pens and Inks
  • Ink Jet Ink

An alternative for writing instruments are our Navipon® Dyes. Navipon® Dyes are bright dyes exhibiting vibrant shades with good organic solvent solubility and excellent light fastness property. Navipon® Dyes are economical and direct alternatives to Neozapon®, Orasol® and Zapon® dyes. These dyes are available in powder form or specially formulated liquids in ethanol and glycols.

Navipon® Dyes can be used in:

  • Decorative Foils
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Inks
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