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MORPLAS®Complete product listingBrochure
solvent dyes of high tinctorial strength with excellent lightfastness and heat stability. Useful for many hermoplastic materials and synthetic fibers.

NAVIPON®Complete product listing
high quality solvent soluble metal complex dyes for use in foil packaging, wood stains, waxes and printing inks.

Many of the Navipon® dyes are direct offsets to Ciba's Orasols®, BASF Neozapon® / Zapon® and Clariant's Savinyl® metal complexed dye product lines.

MORFAST® •Brochure
True liquid solvent dyes, not solutions of powders, specifically for use in permanent marker inks, writing instrument inks and foil inks.

Morfast® dyes are high quality liquid solvent dyes that are also used in ink jet ink formulations, stamp pad inks, inks for wax surfaces, and a variety of other specialty inks and coatings.

Morfast® dyes are quick drying and are bleed resistant when dry, thus making them excellent dyes of choice when looking for permanency. All of the Morfast® dyes have good to excellent light fastness.

Morfast® dyes, which are based on proven liquid technology, are generally manufactured in n-propanol. But they are soluble in various other solvent systems.Morfast® dyes can also be made available in various other solvent systems (other than n-propanol) to meet specific customer requirements.

Sunbelt Corporation backs our Morplas®, Navipon®, and Morfast dyes® lines with strong technical support, sales and quality control.


For more information contact us at techcenter@sunbeltcolors.com.

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