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 Specialty Chemicals

Welcome to Sunbelt Corporation


Sunbelt Corporation offers several specialty products including:

Optical Brighteners

Navipal® SWNR Powder – a moderately heat stable fluorescent brightener used for crack detection
in refrigerant liquids, heating liquids, and hydraulic fluids.

Navipal® OB Powder – a heat stable blue-violet optical brightener with superior lightfastness and excellent overall solubility. Ideal for many clear lacquers, UV curable coatings, printing inks and other specialty applications.

Navipal® OB-1 Powder – an extremely heat stable blue-shade optical brightener with superior
lightfastness and is moderately soluble in most alcohols, ketones, aromatic and aliphatic solvents.
Used for waxes, low temperature plastics, fibers, films, and high temperature engineering plastics.

Sunbelt also has a number of other chemicals and intermediates available upon request. For more information on these products, plese contact us at Sunbelt@SunbeltColors.com

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